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Sunday, June 9, 2019

One of the biggest struggles I had when it came to blogging was editing my photos. I didn't want my photos to look overly edited by adding a tacky Etsy bought preset but I also needed help to make my photos POP! After consulting a few photographers and practice, here are my favorite photography tips.

1.) Lightroom
Lightroom is your friend! You can either pay $10 a month for the desktop version or download the free app on your phone. By playing around with the contrast, saturation, colors, etc. you can make any photo pop and make your skin shine. Once you perfect the coloring, be sure to save that preset for future use.

The photo above was taken by the amazing Gray Style Productions and edited on Adobe Lightroom.

2.) Facetune 
Want to get rid of that small blemish, wrinkles on your dress, or bruise on your arm? Facetune is the app for you. From the smooth to whiten to glow feature, you can quickly and easily fix up any photo.

3.) Colourtone 
In a hurry and want to make your photo look super artsy? Colourtone is a free app which had numerous free (a few paid) filters which will make your photos look amazing instantly. My favorite filter is Bora Bora.

4.) StoryArt 
Want to make a beautiful Instagram story or an Artsy collage photo? Then the StoryArt app is the one for you. Instantly make a beautiful and aesthetic collage in minutes. This will take your Instagram Story game to the next level.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are some of your favorite apps?


Mona Cristo

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