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Monday, August 6, 2018

Capri is hands down one of my favorite vacation spots! The first time I visited the magical island was when I was 12 and fell in love with the mesmerizing water, rugged landscape and upscale shopping! Now, every time I think of a exotic getaway, Capri is the first place which comes to mind.

The Island can get pretty pricey, because it's an European hot spot. If you're thinking about visiting Capri, I suggest avoiding July and August because those are high season months and
1.) it's super crowded
2.) more expensive than normal
3.) two of the hottest months.

Hotels in Capri are expensive so I suggest booking a hotel in Naples (close to the ports) and grabbing the Navy Ferry in the morning and taking a day trip to Capri. The Navy ferry is 1/3rd the cost of the private ferries and has better A/C plus a boat ride every 30 minutes.

Once you get to Capri, I suggest swimming in the Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra). The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of Capri famous for sunlight passing through its cavern that creates a blue reflection which fills up the whole cave. You can do a boat tour which takes you to the Blue Grotto, rent a boat or rent a yacht with friends!

The captivating island is famous for it's Limoncello so make sure you grab a glass while you're strolling the shops full of designer goodies.
My favorite activity in Capri is walking via Krupp which is a couple mile walk where you can admire the views of Faraglioni from above. 
Also, be sure to ride the chairlift to Mount Solaro and grasp the views of this amazing city. 

If you're planning on visiting, I would love to see your photos <3 


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