Photo Editing Tips

Sunday, June 9, 2019

One of the biggest struggles I had when it came to blogging was editing my photos. I didn't want my photos to look overly edited by adding a tacky Etsy bought preset but I also needed help to make my photos POP! After consulting a few photographers and practice, here are my favorite photography tips.

1.) Lightroom
Lightroom is your friend! You can either pay $10 a month for the desktop version or download the free app on your phone. By playing around with the contrast, saturation, colors, etc. you can make any photo pop and make your skin shine. Once you perfect the coloring, be sure to save that preset for future use.

The photo above was taken by the amazing Gray Style Productions and edited on Adobe Lightroom.

2.) Facetune 
Want to get rid of that small blemish, wrinkles on your dress, or bruise on your arm? Facetune is the app for you. From the smooth to whiten to glow feature, you can quickly and easily fix up any photo.

3.) Colourtone 
In a hurry and want to make your photo look super artsy? Colourtone is a free app which had numerous free (a few paid) filters which will make your photos look amazing instantly. My favorite filter is Bora Bora.

4.) StoryArt 
Want to make a beautiful Instagram story or an Artsy collage photo? Then the StoryArt app is the one for you. Instantly make a beautiful and aesthetic collage in minutes. This will take your Instagram Story game to the next level.

Hope you enjoyed my tips! What are some of your favorite apps?


Mona Cristo

Q & A Time

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Hey guys, it's Q&A time! I'm answering my commonly most asked questions!

Q: What camera do you use?
A: I used to use a Canon 5D Mark IV but recently switched to Sony A6300.

Q: How tall are you?
A: I'm 5'3. I like to take my photos from low angles to make myself look taller ;) 

Q: Do you still attend Florida State?
A: I graduated Summer 2018 and currently receiving my masters at LSU. 

Q: What are you receiving your masters in? 
A: I'm studying towards an MHA, Masters in Healthcare Administration. 

Q: Do you see yourself blogging as a career? 
A: That would be nice, we'll see where this blog goes. As of now, it's more of a side hustle. 

Q: What made you start fashion blogging? 
A: I wanted a creative outlet and blogging allowed me to do that. 

Q: Any advice for someone that wants to start a blog?
A: Just do it! Stop waiting around and do it! Buy a domain and find a cheap host (blogger, wordpress, wix) and get started! 

Q: Any tips for someone wanting to grow their Instagram? 
A: Alright! So I get this question a lot so I might make a separate post giving tips and advice. Post quality photos consistently (1-3 times a day) and interact with other accounts to get your profile popping up on the explore page. Basically, be consistent and post high-quality. 

Q: What happened to 
A: My old domain was hacked so I had to start a new blog :(

Q: Any advice for buying designer pieces at low prices? 
A: I recommend checking eBay and second hand sites like theRealReal. Typically you can find pristine bags for 20-70% off. 

Q: What are you favorite photo editing apps? 
A: FaceTune, VSCO and Lightroom Mobile. 

Q: Do you use your iPhone more for pics or professional camera? 
A: I have a 7 plus and don't think the camera is that great so I stick to my Sony a6300. 

Q: When's your favorite time to shoot?
A: Golden hour for sure! Which is the hour leading up to sunset! 

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am of Iranian decent but I was born in Palermo, Italy and raised in Florida. 

Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? 
A: All over the place. From bloggers to magazines to my favorite designers. 

Q: If we want to contact you, what is the best way?
A: Email: 

Q: Will you be starting a YouTube?
A: This is a possibility, a lot of work goes into making videos and I'm not good with videography but we will see. 

Q: Why haven't you been active on social media/blogging as much?
A: My masters program is an accelerated program so it's been hard to time manage my blog & school. Planning on posting more :) 

Feel free to email me if you have anymore questions, love hearing from you guys! :) 

Mona Cristo 

Morrell Maxie

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Like most females I have a slight gown obsession! When Black & Hue Photography (check them out), reached out and asked if I wanted to do a shoot with them, I of course said YES! They're incredibly talented and do shoots nationwide. 
When it came to outfit choices, I wanted to wear something one-of-a-kind and flattering. The first outfit choice which came to my mind was wearing a gown. 
 One of my go-to gown designers is Morrell Maxie. Hence, this gown I'm wearing now ;) Since I have dark hair and semi-tan skin, white is my color. While I wanted something simple and body hugging, I also wanted to wear something unique. The beading detailing definitely gave my white dress a nice, unique pop.  

For this shoot, we played around with smoke bombs because WHY NOT! I mean, look at this picture! 

If you're ever in the Tallahassee area be sure to check out Maclay Gardens, where these photos were taken. 


Denver Travel Guide

One of my favorite states I've traveled too is Colorado! The diverse landscape filled with arid deserts, river canyons and snow covered mountains makes the state simply a magical destination. I flew into Denver from Tampa because typically you can find great flight deals from big cities into Denver. The best months to visit Colorado if you're wanting to ski (like me) but still want to enjoy the outdoors and hike, I would have to recommend February to April.

If you're looking for an amazing hotel to stay at I recommend Hotel Teatro. It's in the heart of Downtown Denver and one of the cutest boutique hotels I have stayed at. It's a revamped historic 20th century Renaissance Revival building with a modern twist to it and a stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. The hotel is also affordable for being rated 4 diamonds.

Things to do in Denver: 
  • Check out the famous Red Rocks
  • Check out Lakeside Amusement Park
  • Explore Confluence Park (heart of downtown) 
  • Grab dinner at the Union Station, a historic 100-year old landmark  
  • Visit the legendary Paramount Theatre
  • Cheer on the Broncos if you're lucky enough to catch a game, if not visit the stadium
  • Take a stroll at the Denver Botanical gardens 
  • Hike Mount Evans, only a 3-4 hour hike ;)
  • Stroll the historic Larimer Square 

 If you want to check out the beauty of Colorado, I suggest renting a car and driving up to Boulder (about a 45 min drive) and from there checking out the Rocky Mountains (an hour drive). If you're looking to ski, I would recommend Loveland or Breckenridge.

Mona Cristo

How to Entertain Yourself During Cardio

Workout Set || Workout Empire || 

I remember the days when cardio felt like a chore. I mean, it felt like a total waste of  time, an extra 45 minutes on the treadmill when I could be at home doing something productive... what a waste of time. 
I dreaded starting my new workout plan for the longest time because of the extra cardio required. Well guess what, the queen of multi-tasking (ME) realized that cardio doesn't have to be a waste of time. Here is a list of things you can do while spending an extra 30 min to an hour on the treadmill. 

1.) Watch a movie on Netflix (pre-download it to avoid going over on your data)
2.) Listen to a podcast 
3.) Watch YouTube tutorials which teach you something 
4.) Watch motivational videos to keep you going!!
5.) Bring your notebook and study for your next exam 
6.) Read a book (this only works on the bike or treadmill) 
6.) Call your mom 
8.) Brainstorm new ideas (cardio is a great way to clear your mind)
9.) Look up new, healthy recipes to meal prep (my fave!) 
10.) Play your favorite game on your phone 
11.) Listen to a new album which just came out! 
12.) Bring a workout buddy and have a conversation with them
13.) Use it as a time to get things done, respond to emails, etc. 
14.) Constantly change the incline/speed on your workout machine to keep yourself entertained 
15.) Plan your next vacay ;) 

Also, if you love the workout set be sure to check it out at Workout Empire! It's super comfortable and affordable. I wear a small in the top and medium in the bottoms! 


Mona Cristo 

Summer Style

Monday, August 6, 2018

Two piece sets are one of my favorite trends of Summer 2018! I love how versatile, fun and flirty the sets are! Whether it's a combination of top and shorts or top and skirt, two piece outfits are my go-to trend. The possibility with the sets are endless, whether you want something bohemian, girly, or simple you can find a two piece set which fits your needs!

The two-piece set I'm wearing here is from PacSun! Some of my favorite places to find fun and flirty sets are Lulu's, Nasty Gal, SaboSkirt, and NA-KD.

Mona Cristo

Capri Travel Guide

Capri is hands down one of my favorite vacation spots! The first time I visited the magical island was when I was 12 and fell in love with the mesmerizing water, rugged landscape and upscale shopping! Now, every time I think of a exotic getaway, Capri is the first place which comes to mind.

The Island can get pretty pricey, because it's an European hot spot. If you're thinking about visiting Capri, I suggest avoiding July and August because those are high season months and
1.) it's super crowded
2.) more expensive than normal
3.) two of the hottest months.

Hotels in Capri are expensive so I suggest booking a hotel in Naples (close to the ports) and grabbing the Navy Ferry in the morning and taking a day trip to Capri. The Navy ferry is 1/3rd the cost of the private ferries and has better A/C plus a boat ride every 30 minutes.

Once you get to Capri, I suggest swimming in the Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra). The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of Capri famous for sunlight passing through its cavern that creates a blue reflection which fills up the whole cave. You can do a boat tour which takes you to the Blue Grotto, rent a boat or rent a yacht with friends!

The captivating island is famous for it's Limoncello so make sure you grab a glass while you're strolling the shops full of designer goodies.
My favorite activity in Capri is walking via Krupp which is a couple mile walk where you can admire the views of Faraglioni from above. 
Also, be sure to ride the chairlift to Mount Solaro and grasp the views of this amazing city. 

If you're planning on visiting, I would love to see your photos <3 

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